Second Winner Game Coding Horrayyy..!

Last week I attended an event organized by Doscom activities (Workshop - Hour of Code and Code Moji). I am very enthusiastic to join the event, where we were taught to study Coding Game. Starting from the application used, how to learn coding, it is great to learn coding. Hehehe

Then I started working on coding Game starter tersbut. Not too difficult as I imagined, the point is Thorough. Because one little had bad consequences, and program will not run.

Then we were given time to complete the coding, and finally I could finish all the games! : D

After the play session coding is completed, then move on to the next session, the session Learning Encryption. Learning encryption is the most interesting thing for me as well, because by learning encryption we can know, how to save a file to be safe from the evil hands of others. All personal data is privacy we will be safe if in encryption. When the question and answer session I tried to help answer these, and I can answer. Then I can be a special gift from doscom, I was thrilled.

After all the session is complete, it's time Coding Contest Winners announcement.
How happy I am, when I get a champion 2. Horrayy ... I am very happy, and I get a prize Game Steam. Alhamdulillah ... Hahaha
Dinus Open Source CommunityKami adalah komunitas open source di bidang perangkat lunak yang memilik visi untuk " Memasyarakatkan Open Source dan Meng-Open Source-kan Masyrakat " melalui berbagai kegitan seperti workshop, seminar dan sharing session, Kami juga meracik sebuah sistem operasi bernama TeaLinuxOS.

A lot that we can learn together Doscom, among others, Programming, Networking, Multimedia, and many more. This community teach a lot of things for me.

I was fortunate to come along Doscom (Dinus Open Source Community)

This is My Story About my experience :D How About You ? :D
Im waiting your Story guys ^_^


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