My Story at University of UDINUS

Good evening all, I want to tell a little story about an interesting experience, and not interesting experience, then new things whatever I get in campus

University of Dian Nuswantoro

What interesting things during the campus?
For me that is able to gather with friends is the best. 
At Campus we got a many friends from different backgrounds, it makes interesting, because we can all co-exist and help among person. Then can study together, the walking street together, eat together, sleep together, laugh together, helping others, etc. That is what friends are for.

Study Together
Walk Together
Sleep Together at Class

Learn and meet lecturers is something fun, besides we add knowledge, we can ask for help if there is difficulty in learning. Then we will be good value, and we can find in college scholarships to ease the burden on parents.

When you get a difficult problem.
And then you can ask to your teacher in the class

Look,, How your teacher teach you.

Complete campus facilities, such as computers, Wi-Fi, and a great class with a teacher/dosen who kindly made us all a happy student. Because we can use existing facilities to work on personal or shared.
Using a facilities Wi-Fi campus

Meet prospective lover ... hmm .. that is what student single (jomblo) looking for. They like it, because a lot of beautiful girls UDINUS in this beloved campus. Yeah.. although I also singles but there is no interest to find a girlfriend, because I want to be successful first.

When you love someone in your class ^_^

Then what are unpleasant for the campus?

It is not pleasant during my college campus is condition at the center of the city, I feel the heat if located outside the building, and the lack of trees around the campus greening. This condition must be changed, because of the hot weather outside the building to make yourself tired and sweaty. So if we go to class, you would rather pale face, such as sports end.

When you fell a hot wheather

New things whatever I can for the campus?

There are also many new things that I get in the campus in addition to the above. That we could meet great people, and we can join the Community, UKM, etc.
HM SISFO. Meet up with senior

Discussion about campus, study, and etc.

Due to join the organization is an important thing that we could socialize with the community at large, even by another, more powerful campus. Many of the benefits that we can get on campus, can train the ability to speak in front of the public. Looking for a job while in college, may not have much work, but this work can be used as additional living expenses for boarding house.

Enough interesting story and unpleasant, and new things whatever I get over in the campus. May be useful :)

This my story, how your story? : D

Dian Arima Kurniansah [A12.2016.05474] 
Assignment of Lesson English

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