A Horror Story Dosen Ghaib UNNES!! And Horror Story Village Hall!! Make you merinding cakkk..!!!

Good night brother of Sobat Blogger,, nice to see you again. I really miss all of you, my visitors in this blog ^_^. Now i'm come back again with "A Horor Story Dosen Ghaib UNNES". Hmmm.. who doesn't know this campus, namely Unnes (Semarang State University). 

Mythical stories or horror on campus seemed never-ending. As Anggo post on facebook, on friday 21th October 2016, and we all made a scene and surprised about the mysterious college teacher. Why Not???!! because he write and share status at facebook "very crazy this UNNES, also awful if this happened again!" he said. By including Screencapture WhatsApp conversation in groups, which tell about mysterious college teacher.

"yes, he said the college teacher asked lecture hour and a half six (6), fitting the students leave, college teacher enter the room. When already entered all + college teacher, college teacher just only quietly. and do not talk at all. Suddenly class leader get a massage from college teacher are native, say that no collage because there is no obstacle. The leader class of course shocked, after which each lecturer originally he was told to look at his feet.then the class leader dropped the pen down and was floated! (in here we all very scary!) and then the leader class send massage to a group line (now please out the class one by one from back without sound. Spontaneous students do,, and then the college teacher as he approached say 'You know who aim' the leader class jump scream, finally UAD closed for 3 days"
To Prove the truth of the story, the boy also upload photo screenshot leader class conversation mysterious college teacher

From this story, we know that ghost can be a human. Like in my university too, Udinus have a horror story in the building D, there are stairs that haunted and spooky. This myth has developed among the students, already widely known. Once time a lecturer who teaches a night class, and the lecturer entered the classroom. Forward-looking student when the professor is still there, then look down, then look ahead and the student had lost all. OMG!! in here the colloege teacher/lecturer very...very... Shocked!


Once when I was in high school, I became Chairman of extracurricular PMR for 2 years. Then I was appointed by my teacher to plan the acceptance of new members PMR in my high school. Then I was with my friends began to plan the event. And finally we decided to hold events at the Village Hall, Colo Muria Kudus.

After that we did a survey of the place, and all safe no awkward and weird at the Village Hall, Colo Muria Kudus.

Then we announced to the candidates for the new location, time, and purpose tools that will be taken.

The next day we drove to the location, along the way is great, because melawati forest green and soothing.

We arrived in the location the morning, and the air in the morning is very cool. Then we do a lot of activities from morning until evening.

At night is the time performing arts, and all went smoothly. Then all participants were told to sleep the night at 11.00 hours.

Naah .. !!! The Mystery at night the HORROR HAPPEN !!

When I was just in the evenings, one of the participants are possessed. Then began to spread into a trance MASS !! I was very surprised. because my friend, and member of many others possessed.


Ghost occupants Village Hall, was not happy with our kebaradaan. Because it is not with us, then disrupt us all.

The ambiance is increasingly becoming very HORROR. Because I have to help all of my friends. We all fight the ghosts that bother us. When I challenged Ghost Kuntilanak to fight me. I read the verses of the Quran to be a ghost, get out of my friend's body. I always read Al-Fatihah, An-Nas, Al-Falaq, Al-Kafirun, and other verses.

We also helped people around to help our friends who were possessed. Even some that almost jump to the Canyons. Because the ghost is asking victimizing, suddenly I was shocked.

Finally, all the friends I realized after Fajr Adhan. Ghosts of fear, and not strong. Thank God I survived all members, and no one was hurt.

I, many plagued by ghosts Kuntilanak, Tuyul, Genderuwo, Barong Macan, grandpa Old Man, Residents GONG, Ghosts Coconut Tree.

Thanks to the help of GOD S.W.T Finally we survived all.

So enough of my story about the horror stories. Happy reading and enjoy,, I'll see you tomorrow on the day that is more exciting


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